Welcome to the Nectar of Non-Dual Truth

Nectar is our heartfelt offering to aspiring humanity. The material gathered herein is designed to lift the mind up to the spiritual heights where body, world, nature, and mind are seen as they truly are — vehicles for indwelling Consciousness — rather than as the only reality.

See what our readers have to say:

"This magazine is the only magazine my mind can truly connect to on a deep and meaningful level.  I could really go on and on about how refreshing it is to have the truth and profound wisdom this Magazine shares. So much dilution out there and NO other magazine compares (I have "tried" them all I think)"  Sandy Hicks, Grounded by Yoga

"I have searched for some time and finally found Nectar. Where in all the world, especially in the wake of all the health and hatha-oriented magazines springing up, can one find a journal like it? Nectar heals by revealing our eternal inner Wellness. It is a testament to truth in a world addicted to half-truths. Its voice is desperately needed."

"The latest issue of Nectar, like every other was superb, really. That spirituality has to be striven for has been gently explained. The culture of Nectar is so broad and inclusive that it will appeal to any liberal mind."

"Nectar, a lovely and readable journal.” – Hinduism Today

"The quality of the journal is excellent. We are all agreed that your efforts are noble in intent....” – Swami Gokulananda, Ramakrishna Mission, New Delhi

"Congratulations once again on the high intellectual quality of your publication Nectar of Nondual Truth. I continue to enjoy the ways in which your articles prompt me to re-examine beliefs and ideas that are more familiar. When I pick up an issue to browse the articles, I always find myself drawn to their core challenges: to find new thoughts that stretch my ways of being. Keep up the good work!!"

"I'm dazzled by a tradition that truly acknowledges the deepest held truths held by different religions and I know that this is a rare thing. I am delighted to find the pearls of wisdom shared in this journal from other traditions such as Judaism, Sufism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Vedanta, Islam, etc., acknowledged and held high along with the truths of SRV's tradition."


Take in the Wisdom of Vedanta

Wherever you go.  (Even though the Atman never comes or goes....)